One year Anniversery!!!

YEA!!! It has been one full year!!!

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It is very difficult to believe it has been one whole year since I started this blog. The shoes that have been purchased over the last year have been fantastic. I have encountered some wonderful people on the blog circuit and have gained some confidence in wearing heels in public. I am working on the Mrs. to also form more confidence. All in due time.

I have offered thanks in the past and I feel I can never offer it enough. So again I would like to offer gratitude for all of the fans I have obtained and the support of every viewer I have had this past year. With that a sincere warm thank you to all!!! 😉

I have been traveling again for work and this time, the location is not as exciting as California was but I have a wonderful time no matter where I go. I in no way a indicating the place is bad, only in comparison to a city like LA or even New York; it is a lower key place. No negative nuances implied. 😉

Something I yet to complete is photographing all of my heels obtained prior to Heels for All was started. I may have to take some time off work just to accomplish that task… It is a cool idea in theory. 😉

At the start of my blog I asked for suggestions for style as well as tips. I have received a few but nothing over whelming. I guess that is good to a point but I feel there may be ideas out there I can hear about.

I encourage comments and as a reminder, I encourage them to be appropriate. I am happy to say in one year I have not been on the receiving end of any negative feedback. Kudos to all, for that. 😉

On with the selections of recent acquisition

These are a mint sandal by BCBG. I do not usually have luck with BCBG fitting very well, but these seem to fit ok. The Mrs. loved these and wanted a pair and after I found them for her on clearance, the wonderful management of DSW offered me these in my size for the same clearance price. I could not say no to that. 😉

How about a new brand!!? By Pink & Pepper, an ankle strap open toe pump in black and nude. These are rather inexpensive and yet comfortable. I have mentioned it before, I try to find new brands that fit but it is tough when these shoes are not designed for men in mind. 😉

The color blocked Jessica Simpson sandal in magenta, purple teal and black. There is another color combination of browns and coral, I think, they are a lot more toned down than these. I just liked the way these looked and had to have them. With the elastic instep strap, these are able to fit my foot perfectly. 😉

A fantastic glitter fabric open toe pump by Guess. These are not sequence, studded with crystals or even covered with glitter flakes. These are a fabric upper with the glitter in the fabric making them smooth to the touch. Flashy but not to bad. I am thinking about wear these out, but I feel fear will get the best of me… 😉

Colin Stuart Blush Mary Jane sandals, acquired from eBay. These are new and I got them for less than $15. I love the style and would have preferred then in black or nude. The blush color may be something I can get away with but I am not sure how yet. The color is one I like and the gold heel is a nice glitzy addition but I am not sure how to style these yet. 😉

Fergalicious By Fergie sling back mock wedges are comfy and fun. I like the wedge look with the small cutout creating the appearance of an independent heel. This style is a personal favorite. I have found the Fergie brand to be very comfortable thus far. I might start focusing on shoes from them to see how far I can go with their styles as it pertains to fit. 😉

Levity Orange chunky platform sandal is a mix of today and the 70’s. The color, the vamp style and the platform design remind me of the platforms of the 70’s. However I do not recall seeing anything like a sandal with snake skin print from that era. These are fun and comfy. I have been wearing these around the house for weeks now. The Mrs. is not a fan of them so I guess I will not be getting her a pair. 😉

Style & Co. yellow thong wedge obtained from eBay. These look better in the picture. No kidding, I got these for $3 including shipping. I like the color and the style but they are not comfortable on me. The thong style can be tricky on me. I will end up reselling them or sending them on to someone else through donation.

I look forward to your thoughts and hope I can get the next post up sooner than I have been. If you did not notice my Pedi, they are a French tip in purple and the glitter does not show well, but that was my limit for the 4th of July. I could not go all out with tons of flashy stuff as I am in the airports a lot and already get some interesting looks from people. 😉 A friend has asked me to put together a website for them so I might be preoccupied with that for some time. Thank you for visiting & see you all soon!!!

Thank you for visiting & see you all soon!!!


The First Request Satisfied!

(Open toe sling backs with a wood heel and sole by Dereon )

I have had several requests for different things. I suppose
they are better referred to as suggestions for posts. One of these wonderful
ideas was to show some outfits I wear with my heels. A little information at
this point, I like several styles of cloths. As I do not like to refer to them as
men’s and women’s cloths, I do not have another way to describe them. I
feel the cloths I wear are my cloths not women’s cloths and men’s cloths. I
define the women’s cloths as cloths styled for females OR purchased from the
women’s department. I know; this seems silly. I must further explain I do not
consider myself to be a cross dresser or transvestite. This is because I do not try to
look like a woman I just happen to like clothing that is designed for women. I feel
it only gives me a softer look & I must say it is not easy to accomplish. With that
bit of confusion being said, let us get to the outfit I currently am posting.

On this evening we went to dinner. A place I have not worn
heels to before. We have been there a couple times however. It is a Japanese
steak house, hibachi style.

The Mrs. likes me to wear things a little more discreet. She
has no issues with my preferred style of dress; she is more concerned with the
reaction of others to my appearance. She gets nervous just as I do. I know
getting over that is about gaining confidence. So needless to say, I do not
venture out in skirts yet. 😉


When we entered, as usual not many people notice anything
unusual. When we start walking, the sounds of heels on a hard floor are a little
odd when two people are wearing them and your eyes tell you the sound is not
from one pair of heels & the eyes do not see two females. This is when the
curiosity takes over and people look to see what is different. As we walk past
others already sitting, people look at the Mrs. outfit, which was stunning, and see her
blue hair and her matching blue open toe booties with a zipper detail. Than
they see my shoes and realize the person walking behind her was a guy, so they
look back up, verify this to be correct and than respond in the following ways.
Face forward in shock and process what they just saw, turn to the person they
are with and comment on what they witnessed, stair me down on way to my
seat as though they are attempting to understand the conflict in their mind.
And sometimes it is a combination of these.

 Often the server is intrigued to the point to want to engage
me often to determine what the deal is. I can say to this day, no one has ever
said a thing about my heels or attire. Someday I hope for that to change &
of course with a positive comment. 😉

I wore a basic black button up, long sleeve shirt un-tucked,
low-rise boot cut tall jeans and my wood, patent black, open toe sling back
heels with gold chains on the vamp. For the picture and the ride home, I rolled
up my pant legs. I did not wear them in this manner to dinner.

The shirt was a thrift store item last year; the jeans are a
thrift store item from this spring and the shoes were obtained this summer. (On
a prior post)

 I will confess I
often rely on the Mrs. for input on my appearance. She is very good about that.
I like to be bold but again, the confidence is not there yet. I would have no
issues with wearing all black and bright red heels. I think it would look cool.
I would also have no issues wearing one of my jean skirts with leggings but
the confidence to do that in public is just not there yet.

 A quick note on my nails; we go every two weeks to a nail
shop. I usually get a French tip on my hands and feet in the summer and will go
to color on my feet in the winter. We have been doing this ritual for over a
year now and we are loving it!

If there are any thoughts of how I might be able to put
things together for an outing, I will welcome the feedback. I am planning my
next one to be to the movies. Not sure when the time will come for that, but it
is in the hopper. 😉 I am sure I will wear jeans again and I have the shoes I
want to wear next. Not sure about the shirt yet but I have tons of new ones I have
not worn.

Thank you again for your support and I appreciate all
of you visiting & commenting.

Traveling Shoe Buyer

To touch on
the title, we are all familiar with the “Traveling Shoe salesman”. I cannot
even imagine, going door to door, attempting to sell shoes to anyone. Just
seems a little in-efficient. But I guess in the past, it was a job and there
were people willing to do it. I think the “traveling shoe buyer” would
be the better job to have. 😉

I was
recently in Ohio for a business trip. I was excited to go to Ohio as it is the
location of the Corporate headquarters for DSW. I felt there is not a place
that should be better than the location of the headquarters for the
representation of the business. As I did find some things to be different there
was nothing to vast. It was still a great time looking at things in new places.
I was able to get around to three DSW stores in the area I was staying at.

I found many
shoes I would have liked to have but as usual, not in my size. I came across
these Jessica Simpson’s that were calling out to me. I recognized them but
could not put my finger on it. I thought “I have a certificate that will
bring the price to about half, so why not..?” The grey color is
fascinating, mixed with a black heel and platform and a tinge of Maroon accent.

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What a combination. Once I returned to my hotel and tried them on, took
pictures I remembered why these look familiar. I have them in another color. A
beige with white heels and platform and a red accent. I will mention I found a
few other shoes I liked in my size but being the way it is to get through security
at the airport, I did not want to over stretch myself for checking  in bags, so I limited myself to one purchase.
I did however get four more pairs on-line. The advantage for me buying on-line
is the available size 12. It is not as much fun as going to the store, but I
got to do what I got to do for the shoes to fit.

The black
Jessica Simpson wood heel sandals are fantastic. They only had the color black
in my size, but the brown ones were my favorite. I keep my fingers crossed to
see them available.

Bronze Kelly
& Katie cork wedge sandals are very comfortable. I was able to get these in
a size 12. Very well padded insole covered in suede. If I recall, these were
very inexpensive. Thus the reason I got them. Not sure I will be wearing these
out much if at all, but if I can I will. I do like the look and feel, I am just
not sure on how to wear them.

Patent black
open toe sling backs with a wood heel and sole by Dereon have a vibrant gold
chain on the vamp. These were the last ones and I may have mentioned this before,
I love wood heels. If I am being honest with myself, these are a little short
for my foot, but I do not see myself returning them. They are absolutely stunning!!!
I am hoping to go to dinner tonight in them.

Simpson Leopard print round toe pumps. What a fantastic fit. I may have some
trouble with my left foot flipping out while walking so a size 11W would be the
best for these rather than the size 12W I have. No matter, I can were socks
with these. if I need to.

I will take
this opportunity to thank all of the people that gave me some answers to my
last post. I am keeping track of the requests and ideas for content as well as
the responses to my suggestions. I will get to them in time. An update on the
video topic; I am working on the best way to make this available. I do not hide
the fact I am a male who likes to wear high heels, but I am shy and this
identification can be harmful to my profession.