One year Anniversery!!!

YEA!!! It has been one full year!!!

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It is very difficult to believe it has been one whole year since I started this blog. The shoes that have been purchased over the last year have been fantastic. I have encountered some wonderful people on the blog circuit and have gained some confidence in wearing heels in public. I am working on the Mrs. to also form more confidence. All in due time.

I have offered thanks in the past and I feel I can never offer it enough. So again I would like to offer gratitude for all of the fans I have obtained and the support of every viewer I have had this past year. With that a sincere warm thank you to all!!! 😉

I have been traveling again for work and this time, the location is not as exciting as California was but I have a wonderful time no matter where I go. I in no way a indicating the place is bad, only in comparison to a city like LA or even New York; it is a lower key place. No negative nuances implied. 😉

Something I yet to complete is photographing all of my heels obtained prior to Heels for All was started. I may have to take some time off work just to accomplish that task… It is a cool idea in theory. 😉

At the start of my blog I asked for suggestions for style as well as tips. I have received a few but nothing over whelming. I guess that is good to a point but I feel there may be ideas out there I can hear about.

I encourage comments and as a reminder, I encourage them to be appropriate. I am happy to say in one year I have not been on the receiving end of any negative feedback. Kudos to all, for that. 😉

On with the selections of recent acquisition

These are a mint sandal by BCBG. I do not usually have luck with BCBG fitting very well, but these seem to fit ok. The Mrs. loved these and wanted a pair and after I found them for her on clearance, the wonderful management of DSW offered me these in my size for the same clearance price. I could not say no to that. 😉

How about a new brand!!? By Pink & Pepper, an ankle strap open toe pump in black and nude. These are rather inexpensive and yet comfortable. I have mentioned it before, I try to find new brands that fit but it is tough when these shoes are not designed for men in mind. 😉

The color blocked Jessica Simpson sandal in magenta, purple teal and black. There is another color combination of browns and coral, I think, they are a lot more toned down than these. I just liked the way these looked and had to have them. With the elastic instep strap, these are able to fit my foot perfectly. 😉

A fantastic glitter fabric open toe pump by Guess. These are not sequence, studded with crystals or even covered with glitter flakes. These are a fabric upper with the glitter in the fabric making them smooth to the touch. Flashy but not to bad. I am thinking about wear these out, but I feel fear will get the best of me… 😉

Colin Stuart Blush Mary Jane sandals, acquired from eBay. These are new and I got them for less than $15. I love the style and would have preferred then in black or nude. The blush color may be something I can get away with but I am not sure how yet. The color is one I like and the gold heel is a nice glitzy addition but I am not sure how to style these yet. 😉

Fergalicious By Fergie sling back mock wedges are comfy and fun. I like the wedge look with the small cutout creating the appearance of an independent heel. This style is a personal favorite. I have found the Fergie brand to be very comfortable thus far. I might start focusing on shoes from them to see how far I can go with their styles as it pertains to fit. 😉

Levity Orange chunky platform sandal is a mix of today and the 70’s. The color, the vamp style and the platform design remind me of the platforms of the 70’s. However I do not recall seeing anything like a sandal with snake skin print from that era. These are fun and comfy. I have been wearing these around the house for weeks now. The Mrs. is not a fan of them so I guess I will not be getting her a pair. 😉

Style & Co. yellow thong wedge obtained from eBay. These look better in the picture. No kidding, I got these for $3 including shipping. I like the color and the style but they are not comfortable on me. The thong style can be tricky on me. I will end up reselling them or sending them on to someone else through donation.

I look forward to your thoughts and hope I can get the next post up sooner than I have been. If you did not notice my Pedi, they are a French tip in purple and the glitter does not show well, but that was my limit for the 4th of July. I could not go all out with tons of flashy stuff as I am in the airports a lot and already get some interesting looks from people. 😉 A friend has asked me to put together a website for them so I might be preoccupied with that for some time. Thank you for visiting & see you all soon!!!

Thank you for visiting & see you all soon!!!


14 responses to “One year Anniversery!!!

  1. happy 1 year blogiversary!!! Love seeing your collection and look forward to seeing more. In terms of your latest loot, I am really loving the pink & pepper heels. I have a thing for white/black or beige/black heels!

    • Thank you very much for the happy wish. I have enjoyed your visits and comments the past year. I look forward to hearing more from you.
      I enjoy the color combination of beige and black as well. I think it is a very versatile contrast. 😉

    • Many thanks for the one year wish. I am happy you see something you like.
      I will check out your new home as well. I am sure it is just as eloquent as the last place. 😉

      See you soon.

  2. Happy one year blogoverrsary! As always your shoes look fab. So happy to see you start posting again, it’s been a while 🙂

    • Corrie,
      Thank you for the warm one year wish. I try to keep the blogs coming but I often run short of time. I have so many shoes to post about at the moment. I am planning on getting some of them up soon. I am trying for this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed. 😉
      See you again soon. 😉

    • Thank you for the wonderful supporting comment. I say you should than have them!
      Please stop by often. I appreciate the support, comments and suggestions.
      Have a great day! 😉

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