The First Request Satisfied!

(Open toe sling backs with a wood heel and sole by Dereon )

I have had several requests for different things. I suppose
they are better referred to as suggestions for posts. One of these wonderful
ideas was to show some outfits I wear with my heels. A little information at
this point, I like several styles of cloths. As I do not like to refer to them as
men’s and women’s cloths, I do not have another way to describe them. I
feel the cloths I wear are my cloths not women’s cloths and men’s cloths. I
define the women’s cloths as cloths styled for females OR purchased from the
women’s department. I know; this seems silly. I must further explain I do not
consider myself to be a cross dresser or transvestite. This is because I do not try to
look like a woman I just happen to like clothing that is designed for women. I feel
it only gives me a softer look & I must say it is not easy to accomplish. With that
bit of confusion being said, let us get to the outfit I currently am posting.

On this evening we went to dinner. A place I have not worn
heels to before. We have been there a couple times however. It is a Japanese
steak house, hibachi style.

The Mrs. likes me to wear things a little more discreet. She
has no issues with my preferred style of dress; she is more concerned with the
reaction of others to my appearance. She gets nervous just as I do. I know
getting over that is about gaining confidence. So needless to say, I do not
venture out in skirts yet. 😉


When we entered, as usual not many people notice anything
unusual. When we start walking, the sounds of heels on a hard floor are a little
odd when two people are wearing them and your eyes tell you the sound is not
from one pair of heels & the eyes do not see two females. This is when the
curiosity takes over and people look to see what is different. As we walk past
others already sitting, people look at the Mrs. outfit, which was stunning, and see her
blue hair and her matching blue open toe booties with a zipper detail. Than
they see my shoes and realize the person walking behind her was a guy, so they
look back up, verify this to be correct and than respond in the following ways.
Face forward in shock and process what they just saw, turn to the person they
are with and comment on what they witnessed, stair me down on way to my
seat as though they are attempting to understand the conflict in their mind.
And sometimes it is a combination of these.

 Often the server is intrigued to the point to want to engage
me often to determine what the deal is. I can say to this day, no one has ever
said a thing about my heels or attire. Someday I hope for that to change &
of course with a positive comment. 😉

I wore a basic black button up, long sleeve shirt un-tucked,
low-rise boot cut tall jeans and my wood, patent black, open toe sling back
heels with gold chains on the vamp. For the picture and the ride home, I rolled
up my pant legs. I did not wear them in this manner to dinner.

The shirt was a thrift store item last year; the jeans are a
thrift store item from this spring and the shoes were obtained this summer. (On
a prior post)

 I will confess I
often rely on the Mrs. for input on my appearance. She is very good about that.
I like to be bold but again, the confidence is not there yet. I would have no
issues with wearing all black and bright red heels. I think it would look cool.
I would also have no issues wearing one of my jean skirts with leggings but
the confidence to do that in public is just not there yet.

 A quick note on my nails; we go every two weeks to a nail
shop. I usually get a French tip on my hands and feet in the summer and will go
to color on my feet in the winter. We have been doing this ritual for over a
year now and we are loving it!

If there are any thoughts of how I might be able to put
things together for an outing, I will welcome the feedback. I am planning my
next one to be to the movies. Not sure when the time will come for that, but it
is in the hopper. 😉 I am sure I will wear jeans again and I have the shoes I
want to wear next. Not sure about the shirt yet but I have tons of new ones I have
not worn.

Thank you again for your support and I appreciate all
of you visiting & commenting.


32 responses to “The First Request Satisfied!

  1. First let me say, I know this blog is about you, but your Mrs. is a little firecracker! I love the blue hair and the blue heels. And of course your heels are great! You two should consider moving to Los Angeles, there are plenty of places around here that I think you would be perfectly comfortable in! Not that I know of any, because I am a working mommy but I know when I used to party I saw plenty of “outrageous” people and things. I just got an email about some vegetable rave…but I digress. Your totally awesome, keep doing what your doing. Without risk there is no reward!

    • Thank you for the compliment. I will pass it on to the Mrs. I liked them as well but as I often find, they did not have my size. 😉 I have not seen these in pink however, I hope you post them sometime in the future. 😉

  2. I loooved your shoes (sandals!) and the blue ones your wife wore!!! Your outfit was totally nice! Look this way, people are not starring at you, thinking “what? He is wearing high heels? And she likes it? Uh?” No. They are envious, that’s all, that you have beautiful feet and taste, beautiful shoes and a beautiful wife! That’s the deal, nothing else!
    If it is not this way, don’t care very much. It’s not worth. Go on wearing what pleases you! And for the next time, I suggest a shirt in my favorite color: red!
    Have a great cinema time!

    • Thank you for that more than fantastic vote of confidence. I like your way of thinking. I will look for a red shirt for future outings. I have some dark red heels that would go great. 😉
      I passed on your compliments to the Mrs. she is very grateful. Please visit again. 😉

    • Thank you for the kind words. I will pass your compliments to the Mrs. These booties are awesome! The not so good news is, we got them last year. I forget the name of the store, but I do recall it was in the Mall of America. They are by Charlotte Russe. If I find anything I will let you know. Best of luck and please stop by again! 😉

    • Thank you for the vote of confidence. I am very grateful. It is fun to see some peoples reaction as it is one of not knowing what to think or do. 😉
      I will pass on your admiration to the Mrs. about her heels and hair. She has lots of cool heels and hair.
      She gets nervous just as I do, so she finds comfort in looking unusual or having a striking appearance when I wear heels in public.
      See you again real soon. 😉

    • Thank you for the wonderful support. It is very comforting to hear people are accepting. I will pass your compliments on to the Mrs. She will appreciate it as well. And yes, she is the absolute best in the world!!! 😉
      See you again soon. 😉

  3. hey there!! i love these slingbacks = gorgeous!! and love your pedi as well!! 😉 🙂 stay true to yourself, it sounds like you are ~ it’s your life only and you’ve got to live it with how you see fit right? and hey, you’ve got great taste in shoes!! 😉 😉
    xx ~ ks

    • Thank you for the compliments and I am happy you like the shoes. Winter is coming and I will be going to a color in lieu of the french style on my pedi. I agree with your point of view and appreciate the confidence boost.
      I hope to see you here often. 😉

  4. I must commend you, it’s so brave and awesome of you to blog so openly about being who you are and liking what you like. Kudos to you! You have a better collection of killer shoes than most women I know! Your wife should be proud (who by the way is absolutely adorable! I LOVE her blue hair!).

    On your question on how to combine what you wear next, my best suggestion is to do what you’re doing and just wear what you like. When I stopped caring about what other people thought of what I wore and just started wearing what I truly loved, that’s when my real style started to emerge.

    Can’t wait to see more of your shoes! 🙂

    • Your kind words and vote of confidence is absolutely motivating. I admire your words of wisdom. The Mrs. says thank you for the compliment to her as well (I read it to her as I read it.;) )
      Please visit often. I am working on my next post and hopefully I can get it together for this weekend. I have been a little busier than usual this past couple weeks. 😉
      See you soon. 😉

  5. Those shoes are gorgeous! I’d love to see peoples’ faces when they’re trying to process things. I’m always amused when people do double takes. Good for you in doing what you like!
    I love your wife’s outfit, too. And her blue hair makes me jealous!

    • I am grateful for the positive support. Thank you very much.
      It is fun to see people react in the way that they do.
      I will pass on your compliments to the Mrs. I have to say she always looks good. 😉
      Please stop by again. 😉

  6. Heels on men are very on vogue at the moment, so you may be in luck, and be able to venture out in more daring outfits soon!

    I must confess though, that until I read this post I had only seen your feet and assumed that you were a woman, your feet are simply beautiful and very well kept!!

    • Thank you for the visit. I appreciate your compliments. I have been told I have gorgeous feet for a man. I have always taken care of my feet and enjoy doing so.
      I am glad to hear and see men in heels are a popular thing on the rise. I am hopeful to have the confidence to do it more and more but overall, I will always want to be more daring as I enjoy the outfits females often wear and not just for the moment.
      See you again soon. 😉

  7. Hi there, I’m not really a bootie fan but those did look nice. But I must say i am a sucker for high heeled sandals and anything strappy really, lol.

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