Lucky Year 13

If you are superstitious you may have an issue with this years number. Perhaps we will all place blame of anything negative happening to be an effect of the year being of thirteen. I do not personally fall into said superstition but say if that is your thing so be it.

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I mention this as recently I was on an airplane sitting next to a fantastic young lady; a fashion buyer. We had some wonderful conversations. I usually keep to myself but she committed an act that induced the need to have a conversation. I often take my shoes off on the plane, as I do this my shoe falls over on its side. She observed this and felt compelled to reach down and straighten it up while I foot was half way in the shoe and explained it was a superstition from her childhood. I do not know if she noticed b pedicure but later she did mention my manicure. As this flight did not take off on time, we had several hours to chat about fashion and her superstition.

She had mentioned shoes and the conversation went to heels. She had expressed her enjoyment of them and mentioned she changed her shoes as security  I encouraged her to never do such a thing in the future. Further into the conversation she asked if I would wear heels and I said most certainly. She followed with praise and positive encouragement. I would welcome our paths crossing again.

I have entirely to many new shoes to photograph and put up. I will only do a few now and hopefully get more up sooner than later. I think I have said this before. As always feel free to comment and offer suggestions.

First an Ebay purchase. Jessica Simpsons, chrome heel, grey metallic open toe clogs. Love the cut-out of the heel. I am hoping to wear these out soon. 😉

Jessica Simpson chrome heel


Jessica Simpson chrome heel

Jessica Simpson chrome heel

Next is another Ebay purchase, Steve Madden Spiked, ankle strap sandals. Absolutely stunning; a bronze colored back, black vamp and heel. Extremely comfortable.

Steve Madden Spikes

Steve Madden Spikes

Steve Madden Spikes

Another Ebay purchase. I got the Mrs. a pair of these while I was in California  They had ran out of my size and when I found them on Ebay, I had to get them. Very comfortable and tall. Small steps only in these. I almost wore them out the other day. 😉

Sam Edelman T-Strap Spikes

Sam Edelman T-Strap Spikes

DSW Jessica Simpson. I have these in another color as well. These were on clearance so I had to get them. 😉

Jessica Simpson Sandals

Steve Madden Nude pumps with color blocked heel. Clearance rack at DSW in Duluth. A fun looking shoe. 😉

Steve Madden Pumps

Ebay purchase, Newport News. I have this same shoe in the blue. Love the wood look and patent leather. 😉

Newport News

Newport News

DSW Guess pumps. Just a fun pair of heels. Wore these to dinner just this last weekend. 😉


Jessica Simpson open toe slingbacks. I love the platform shape these have. I also have these in the brown and teal. 😉

Jessica Simpson Gold & Blush

Christmas gift; spiked pumps by Styluxe. Wore these out one night. It was tough having to think about not scratching the car or myself but I loved them! 😉

Styluxe Spikes

Guess animal print open toe pumps. You can see there is two types of animal print on these. 😉

Guess Animal Print

Guess Animal Print

Guess Animal prints

As you can see I have added some extra pics of each shoe. Trying something new. Below are some recent shoes I have worn out to dinner. I am really enjoying the experience doing so.


Jessica Simpson Pumps

Jessica Simpson Embellished Heels

Jessica Simpson Embellished Heels

Thank you all again for visiting and checking out my blog. Your support in my adventure has been wonderful and very much appreciated. See you again soon. 😉


24 responses to “Lucky Year 13

    • Thank you for the great comment. I have been getting into the spiked ones as much as I can. I have some others I have not yet posted. I am going to be excited to hear your thoughts on those as well.
      See you again soon. 😉

  1. Isn’t it lovely when you meet a random person, especially on a flight! and you both instantly have common ground with interests etc.

    Now, I love all those gorgeous spiked heels…but as you know, any heel that is spikey is my weakness… the DSW Guess pumps and the spiked pumps by Styluxe, are my favourites! 😀

    • It is noce to meet someone with similar interests. Usually when I am flying I keep to myself, but I am glad this interaction came about.
      Some great choices for favorites. 😉
      Thank you for the visit and the comments. 😉

    • I am happy you stopped by. I agree with the unique shoe perspective. I do enjoy shoes that are different as well. These in particular grabbed me with the heel cut out, as well as the color of the upper and the chrome heel… Cannot say anything wrong about them. I have tons by Steve Madden. Usually cannot go wrong there… 😉 Hope to see you again soon. Thank you for the compliments. 😉

    • Your visit and comments are very much welcome. Thank you for the kind statements.
      I do like the studded heels as well. I have several and enjoy them all. 😉
      Hope to see you again. 😉

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