The Life of the Party !!!


Well, I was
not the life of the party but it was fun to wear something I would like to wear
all the time. I must correct that a little, this is not exactly what I want to wear
all the time with the exception of the heels. I do wear the pants a from time
to time but not with heels. I am not brave enough just yet to do heels with Capri
pants. I do love Capri pants though.

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So heading
to a Halloween party I decided to mimic someone in my life and I think I nailed
it with the attitude, although others would not know it.

The outfit
originally started out as a jean skirt & leggings with black heels but I
could not find a shirt to match well and the outfit had to be on the conservative

I also
wanted to wear some heels I have not worn out but as fate would have it these
worked better with the outfit, at least that is what the consensus was.

The wedges
are from DSW this year by Jessica Simpson. I have worn these heels all day
while fishing in the past, they are very comfortable. That was a good thing as
I never sat down the whole time.

My outfit is
Macy’s, purchase earlier this year online.

The wig is
one of the Mrs.

People were
impressed that I had found shoes in my size (If they only knew how many I have
& found in my size) and they were surprised at the fact I could walk so
well in them. Some people at the party had knowledge of the fact I get my nails
done but those that did not felt my nails looked fantastic.

I did not
feel out of place or odd in this situation but I think it was due to the excuse
I could use as it is a costume party. I might have to incorporate that in my
mind for the future for my mental confidence. 😉

Enough about
me, now the Mrs. Costume. Much cuter than me, she was a sexy clown. Just a
cheap costume from a Halloween store this year. When I say cheap, I mean cheap
in quality and expensive to purchase. 😉

A close up
of her hot shoes. A gift purchased from Burlington Coat Factory this past

Thank you for stopping by! Comments are always welcome.

 See you again soon. 😉


18 responses to “The Life of the Party !!!

    • I am glad you told me about this. Thank you so much. I always appreciate you stopping by my blog. You deserve the award. 😉

      Comment on your award post:
      I am with emotions that I cannot describe, to have been mentioned on your Blog at a time in which you are being honored. I am appreciative to be included as such and feel it in itself is honorable.

      All though the words do not express it enough, it will have to make do for the limits of print on a screen are as such.

      Thank you Nout for mentioning me here. Congratulations on receiving this award! May there be many more. 😉

      H.E. Lexus

    • Thank you for stopping by and leaving a wonderful comment. I appreciate it. I will pass your compliments on to the Mrs. as well.
      Please come back again and do so often. 😉

    • I will pass on your compliments to the Mrs.
      If you try to look for a pair on eBay, you might get lucky. I think these were from last winter. But your ideas to spice up and old pair is not a bad plan. Good luck and share the results. 😉
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. 😉

    • Thank you for the wonderful comment. I cannot tell you how much I was enjoying being in some heels in front of people. I felt so comfortable. I think I will feel better next time I go out to dinner in heels. 😉
      See you again soon. 😉

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