The Good, The Best & The Disappointing!

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So, I ordered some
heels from a place I have many pairs from. I had some high hopes for the
selections I made. It increased the disappointment when the great deal I had
was lost from having to return them.

This has caused me to
make the decision to no longer purchase from there again. It truly is a
saddening thing because I liked the shoes. They still look fantastic but the
quality is just less than good. The material is cheap and the sizing has gotten

Never the less, let
us get to the shoe show!!! (I took pictures of the ones I returned as well)

First the

Fredrick’s of Hollywood
animal print platform (returned)

Fredrick’s of Hollywood
Animal print open toe sandal (returned)

Fredrick’s of Hollywood
animal print studded platform pump (returned)

I really am bummed
about all three of these as I liked how they looked. I could have dealt with
the cheap material if they fit better, but why keep what I cannot wear… Right?
Well, I do have some I do not wear but for other reasons. 😉

The Good:

Jante screen strap
clear heels from Ebay

These are not in the
best shape. They are used. I got them from a cross-dresser. The adhesive has let
go on the insole and I will have to make some repairs. It is the chance you
take on Ebay.

The Best:

Fredrick’s of Hollywood
denim graffiti wedge sandal

These fit well and I
like the look. I was unsure of them when I decided to get them. Who knew… they
would be the only ones I keep from the entire order. 😉

Vintage Steve Madden
strappy wedges from Ebay

These are just
awesome. They have a different look to them. These might be what I venture out
in next. I do have a pair already marked for my next outing in heels, but these
might go to the front of the line. 😉

Diba metallic T-strap
sandal wedges from DSW

I got lucky with
these. Not often do I get a T-strap sandal that fits well. The whole man foot
in a female sized shoe often puts me on the short end of the stick. 😉

Sanita Danish lace-up
sling back Clogs from Ebay

I just love wood
heels. These looked so different. They do not fit the best, they are a little
tight. The good thing is I can get them to stretch a little as they are real
leather. The pal purple is certainly different as well.

Well honesty time. I
was going to do an entire post on animal prints this time but the failure of
the first three shoes did not warrant that post. I do have some real fun ones I
will post about, so stay tuned.

Thank you to all for
the great comments once again. It helps me feel more comfortable being in
public. Hopefully I will see someone from my blog someday or someone as wonderful
as those who visit my blog! A couple great things have happened the last week; a
young check out gal was in awe about my manicure and commented positively about
it, second was a supervisors, supervisor. She also had nothing but positive
things to say. She even wanted to go to the nail shop I frequent. Thought that
was saying a lot. 😉


38 responses to “The Good, The Best & The Disappointing!

    • Thank you for stopping by and please do so often.
      The T-strap wedges certainly are great. Very comfortable. I passed the over several times the last couple months more for the fact of this particular style not being very accommodating but I am glad I decide to go with it.
      I look forward to seeing you again. 😉

    • Thanks for stopping by. I am flattered you have asked for my opinion. It is a tough one however. I am not a boot fan so I would have to see several options to make a decision. As a prejudgment the greater amount of animal print the louder it will be, so if the dress is not over powered all will be good. I find more appeal in the shoes for several reasons but by what you are describing I think something like these pumps with a solid colored dress would be outstanding!!! I have some other animal print shoes that you may find even better for this idea.
      Thank you so much for visiting and please stay tuned for another including the shoes I am talking about.

    • Thank you for your observation. I agree; they are fantastic. It is a shame the camera did not pick up on the details. Perhaps I need the Mrs. to take the pictures to get the details to stand out.
      Please stop by again. 😉

    • I appreciate your compliments. I agree, the second pair is fantastic. I really would have loved for them to fit better. They are just so darn awesome on my feet!!! 😉
      Thank you for stopping by my blog. Please do so often. 😉

  1. I also have a hard time with t-strap maryjanes! There’s always gapping between my foot and the strap and then I get blisters but these dark silver ones look amazing! Love the styles and sorry to hear the shoes you tried from Frederick’s didn’t fit! I have a hard time with online shoe shopping as well!

    • I have seen the situation you have described in your challenges. I think T-Straps are always a hit and miss unless you have just the right shaped foot. I probably have more issues with that than most just because the shoes not designed with my foot in mind. 😉
      I think I have mentioned this to other visitors, the second shoes were the biggest disappointment to have to let go of. I really liked them. I would only have a hit and miss with Frederick’s in the past when it came to sizing, but the last couple orders I received were just not the best. The materials have changed to such a cheap stiff feel and the sizing seems to have been changed. I often know where to get shoes from as I have so many brands I know what fits and what will not so online is not much of a fear. I use EBay to try new brands as I can get them for less.

      Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate the comments and I hope to see much more of you. 😉

  2. Very nice choices, even the ones you returned. I hate it when shoes are too tight:( I feel your pain (literally). I have wide feet and I often like to “forget” about my wide feet and jam them in shoes that are a little tight. I really need to invest in some shoe stretchers. I hope your next shoe purchases are less daunting.

    • Thank you for your kind pettings. I have gotten some great finds since and am still missing the shoes in the second picture. They look so great on my feet!!!
      Thank you much for stopping by. See you again soon. 😉

    • Kristina,
      Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am happy to know I find several shoes you find appealing. 😉
      I am looking forward to wearing these blue wedges out some day. I have a long line of heels waiting to be worn out in public. 😉
      Please visit again. 😉

    • Thank you for stopping by and for the great comments. I am a huge fan of wood heels. I think if there is a style I never pay any attention to the cost of it is wood heels.
      I am still working on getting the rest of my heels pictured and up on web shots. I have been told I have beat out lots of gals when it comes to the amount of heels I have.
      Thanks again for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon. 😉

    • Thanks again for the comment. I appreciate your attention.
      I was not happy about having to return them for sure. But if I cannot wear them, there is no need to keep them. At least I try to stick to that rule.
      See you again soon. 😉

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