Riverview High School Asst. Principal Bans Boy From Wearing Heels, To Prevent Bullying


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4 responses to “Riverview High School Asst. Principal Bans Boy From Wearing Heels, To Prevent Bullying

  1. this is a hot topic in los angeles right now as a teen goes to trial for murdering his cross dressing classmate in front of his peers. http://www.autostraddle.com/trial-begins-for-teenager-who-killed-his-15-year-old-gay-classmate-97680/ i’m all about people having the right to feel comfortable in their skin and wonder truly if “protecting” kids in this manner enforces the idea of discrimination. it would be like forcing me to straighten my hair to fit in and avoid bullying….

    • How devastating… Someone tries to start there life with a sense of themselves and accepting the issues of stress and pressure they will get from others by just wearing what they want, and after all that, gets killed with accusations of being a sexual deviant deserving retaliation of this nature… I have very strong opinions on the people that are doing such bad things to anybody of any kind. my feels point towards the elimination of their existence… I apologize if I am strong with my thoughts. I just do not understand the way some people are. Why anybody cannot just accept the fact that there are more ideas about how others wish to live then what they may have or want for their personal lives?

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