Quick Review: My new 8 inch high heels

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I purchased some shoes from eBay this last week. They arrived Saturday. Sunday morning I decided to try them on and take some pictures. Things did not go well.
1. I love this style. I have wanted a pair of these for years. I finally got a pair at a price I was comfortable with paying, the shipping was fast and they looked great.
2. I have found several of this heel style with varying uppers and all in the same price range. I am so excited as I may be able to get more.

Here is how things progressed:
Put the shoes on, they felt great. With many heels of this height having a tall platform, they are not the most stable on thick carpet. I was careful & got several pictures taken (You can see all of them by clicking the link at the top of the page). I finished with the pictures, stood up and the left instep strap came right of the shoe. I was devastated. I inspected things more closely to see what the issue may have been. The possibilities are as follows:
1. Manufacture issue
2. Knock off designer
3. Sold to eBay seller who repaired it spit and glue style and resold as new

I am leaning towards the knock off manufacture at the moment, but I have had this brand of shoe fail on me before. I also got them from an eBay seller, so it is possible the manufacturer is of poor quality. I can honestly say I do not think I will get another pair of shoes by this manufacturer again. Pity really, they have some sexy heels.

Final review
Not having enough information on the origin of this particular shoe, I would be wrong in assuming all their products are of low quality. However, as I have had the same failure in two different styles of the same brand of shoe, I would make this statement with confidence; “I will not purchase this brand from eBay sellers in the future. If I am able to examine a product from this manufacturer in person from a store to see the quality first hand and possibly try them on I may consider these two experiences as flukes and the result of me being had by imposters.”

I have to say, the seller is being very good about things. We are working out a solution to this issue. It goes without saying eBay purchases are a gamble and most of the time it goes in the buyers favor. Nobody can expect perfection from a eBay purchase. Most of the time you are purchasing something used or handled from another consumer and you have to expect some flaws. I have been eBaying for nearly a decade and I can say I have only come across a dozen issues of all kinds. So no hard feelings there.
Feel free to look at all of my photos located on webshots.com. I would appreciate any feedback others may have, as well as your opinion on the shoes reviewed today. I also welcome you to share any experiences and photos of your own.

Thank you!


23 responses to “Quick Review: My new 8 inch high heels

    • I agree. They are fantastic. As mentioned the seller on eBay was really great about it. Full refund. I still have them so I might try to have them repaired. I appreciate the nice words and please visit again.

  1. omg, how on earth can you walk in these shoes? they look sexy but the first thing i can think of when i see them is ‘danger’!
    i have only one pair i bought online, it’s from aliexpress.com if you want to try out 😉
    i just hope you don’t break anything, i would for sure :O

    • If you have never tried on a pair of 7 or 8 inch heels, I say you have to get to it. It is not that tough. I will add it is easier to lose your balance on carpet and if you step on a stone, but I take my time walking in heels like these to avoid mishaps. Thank you for the comment. Come back soon!

  2. I love heels…the higher the better! I want to break my feet in them someday…..
    Those shoes are uber-cool, and I am sorry that they broke 😦 What misery!
    I love the idea that your blog is dedicated to high heels….for all people. Yay equality!


    • Thank you for stopping by. Do so often. I appreciate the kind words and the vote for my blog being one of good content.
      It was a real bummer that the shoes broke. I received wonderful satisfaction from the seller and they did not want them back. I may take them in to see if I can get them fixed. Being I got them for no charge, I can get them fixed and that will be my cost for them.
      Thanks again!

    • Thank you for the compliment. If you have not had a chance to view my other shoes I have pictured, please take a moment and look at them. You may find others you like as well & I would love to hear some more feedback. I appreciate you visiting and come back often.

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    • Thank you for the wonderful comments and compliments. I have always taken care of my feet and after starting my adventures to the nail shop, it has just been more exciting and pleasant. I have not tried McQueen Armadillo heels. They are interesting and very unusual. They appear to be very similar to ballet heels. I have a pair of those and for as cool as they are, I am not able to walk on my toes. I guess that is one downside of my abilities.
      Thank you again, I appreciate you stopping by and please continue to do so.

  4. ooooh, I would be so frustrated!! But good thing they refounded you! 🙂
    I wish I could wear such high heels with platforms, but I’m quite tall already and whenever I do wear super tall heels, men all around me feel uncomfortable =/

    • I say do not let that bother you. Higher the better. If a guy is put off by the height of a quality mate, than they are insecure. You coule offer for them to match your heels… 😉 Thank you for commenting and visit often.

    • They really are comfortable. And for the brief moments I was able to walk in them before they broke they were not difficult to manage.
      Thank you for visiting and do so often. 😉

    • I have been left with some cool shoes too look at so far. I still need to get them repaired. At that point, I will have some fantastic heels!!! 😉
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a nice comment. 😉

    • I am always happy when someone stops by and finds something they like in my collection. Hope you share your heels when you get them. Thank you for stopping by and do so again and often.
      I appreciate the kind words. 😉

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