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Thank you Lilly Babineau for the friendship and the post here at Pink Blitz Magazine. ;)

Originally posted on PinkBlitz Magazine:

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By: Lilly Babineau

I am a woman who desperately wishes I could walk in high heels. I love them and literally put myself through brutal pain in order to survive them. I was also the girl born and raised with flats, and the idea that comfort was all that mattered when it comes to footwear. That didn’t stop me from making a list of gorgeous heels I will try one day! :)

First on the docket are the ones in the article picture. I mean come on, sneakers AND heels? Snap! I think I drooled over these even more than I did when I met my husband. Never mind the fact that they contain my two favorite colors, black and pink, but they lace up. I once saw leggings that laced up the whole way on each pant leg and swore I’d find matching shoes just as trendy. Voila! These…

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  1. Whoa! I feel as if those sneaker heels are cool/weird. I kinda like them but you could definitely not run in those!
    Hugs & Kisses,

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